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Welcome to our website Fregro International Packers and Movers Bangalore. We are ranked the top packers and movers in Bangalore, offering exceptional service and support to meet the needs of our customers and our customers also appreciate the sentiment items at the same time.

Do you plan to pack up and move all household or commercial goods to or from Bangalore Karnataka, then you may have been aware of the fact that how much it will be difficult for you to handle on your own. To solve this problem, we give you the best deals with budget friendly prices that provide mental peace and inner wellbeing.

We offer you an efficient team-shifted amazing along with solving all your questions on the front door of your house. We have a range of effective solutions with years of experience and expertise to make your move a smooth process. Right from dismantling, removing, packing, and moving furniture, large items such as electrical appliances, loading, unloading everything with full safety carried out by our team especially assigned to the same thing.

We at Packers and Movers Bangalore has offered shifting and relocation services since 2020. Since the beginning of the business movers packers Fregro& Services team support all type move. Fregro Packers & Movers are special services for Home shift, moving cars, and factory shift and safe transportation services at a very affordable cost. Fregro packers movers are experienced in moving valuables from one location to another with much ease.

Fregro International Packers and Movers Bangalore will support the furniture packing & moving with the use of high-quality packaging materials for maximum safety and for this reason why we rank among the top & best packers and movers in bengaluru to make the most affordable shipping costs. With our presence in Bangalore we can support the delivery and make pickups in a very short time and reduce waiting time at the 24 Hours of commitment and pick up for packers and movers service all major areas in and around Bangalore. So if you are looking to hire a professional packaging company with cheap and best price fee for packing domestic and movers services, we can easily correspond to the expected price for the service delivery and save your transportation cost by 20% compared to any other packing companies move in India.

Why Fregro International Packers and Movers is the best and reliable companies in the Packers and Movers in Bangalore?

Fregro Packers & Movers bengaluru, Karnataka is one among the four packers and movers in Bangalore, we believe that we are just next to Agarwal packers and movers & packers and movers leofast when it comes to hiring a professional packers and movers in Bangalore.

Advantages of Hiring Packers and Movers Bangalore

Being a leading service provider of logistics services, we offer a comprehensive range of removal and storage in which we can believe out of the box for a reputable name in the industry who do not want to get the best deal for relocation services? If you are looking for the same then you can choose a trustworthy Logistics and Transportation Companies where you can put your entire task under any circumstances conducive. For this reason, simply, we become the leading company engaged in Bangalore serve our prominent clients with all types of services related to packing and moving of your goods. There are many benefits that you can get from like-us

Appreciation Success Achieved During our trip

With more than 2 years since 2018, we have been striving to provide world class facilities add a feather to our cap shifted achievement. Positive behavior and words from our customers has built our confidence in providing productive services to our clients like you.

We are proud to share with you our geographic presence around the world, who has covered the site served from the end of the 264 in 2 countries. We have built a large network of our operations in more than 10 branches in major infrastructure facilities along with 10+ vehicles and trucks working on a GPS enabled technology. Not only this, but we also have more than 220 skilled and qualified workforce, a fully-mature, and dedicated to their profession when it comes to serve you with all types of mobile services.

The latest technology for movers and packers Bangalore

In terms of providing you with advanced mobile services, we are renowned for offering the highest quality packing materials to pack all sizes and shapes of goods. Our research and development team has been working for more than three decades of experience in developing innovative solutions to meet your requirements to move to any place in Bangalore you name; therefore we have to come out with special vehicles, boxes and wrapping sheets which are durable in nature, ensuring complete protection and safe handling during transport.

In addition, we also provide processing step-by-step household or office shifting your belongings with the help of our shift assistant. Our process includes the physical or online surveys you step on your pick up location. We have digitized our online presence in the smartphone with useful applications that help you to book and track your shipments services wherever you are. By providing this user-friendly application for our customers, we have made ourselves accessible effectively.

Will relax in your place, you just need to tell us your requirements and we will be there to serve you with a wide range of our solutions. As the original relocation providers in the city, we help you to move to and from Bangalore. We really understand that you have a big load of goods, so we have made ourselves flexible and compatible to provide you with all kinds of service experienced. A complete list of our services to implement the relocation packing, loading, unloading, and transporting your belongings in a safe manner.

We'll give you 5 reasons to book packers and movers services

In terms of providing you with advanced mobile services, we are renowned for offering the highest quality packing materials to pack all sizes and shapes of goods. Our research and development team has been working for more than three decades of experience in developing innovative solutions to meet your requirements to move to any place in Bangalore you name; therefore we have to come out with special vehicles, boxes and wrapping sheets which are durable in nature, ensuring complete protection and safe handling during transport.

In addition, we also provide processing step-by-step household or office shifting your belongings with the help of our shift assistant. Our process includes the physical or online surveys you step on your pick up location. We have digitized our online presence in the smartphone with useful applications that help you to book and track your shipments services wherever you are. By providing this user-friendly application for our customers, we have made ourselves accessible effectively.

Will relax in your place, you just need to tell us your requirements and we will be there to serve you with a wide range of our solutions. As the original relocation providers in the city, we help you to move to and from Bangalore. We really understand that you have a big load of goods, so we have made ourselves flexible and compatible to provide you with all kinds of service experienced. A complete list of our services to implement the relocation packing, loading, unloading, and transporting your belongings in a safe manner.

You can Choose your Packers and Movers for the Following Services

When Fregro International Packers and Movers offers moving services and a full office in india with only a sole purpose of providing a good experience moving at affordable prices and help customers save cost shifting.

International Packers and Movers

International Fregro Packers and movers who've also offered to move the cargo booking delivery to international destinations. Currently we only support the Air Cargo Moving services with our partners, so if you are looking for your cargo ship to any country we can be your partner move.

Cargo Packers and Movers

Fregro Cargo Packers and movers moving support of a single item such as sofa sets, Refrigerator, Carton box or bag for students and professionals who have very few items to move work. We offer door to door moving cargo services to more than 500+ destinations in India and handles about 150 boxes to move every month to guarantee timely delivery.

Transportation services

Fregro Transportation & Logistics department handles services or support the transportation industry moving commercial goods on full truck load services only. We rented a truck to all major manufacturing industries and contribute to economic growth for the safe and timely provide daily delivery.

National Packers and Movers

Fregro National Packers and Movers has been offering mobile services nationwide after packaging. Truckload of our packing & moving services available to remote villages in India which includes more than 30000km per month with our support partners.

Highway Packers and Movers

Roadways Fregro Packers and movers team experienced in support reservation service truck. We offer moving services highway for the last distance shipping services for corporate customers.

Car Transport

Fregro car is the best transport company shipping company to transport the victim's car door car door by car carrier service only. We will arrange for a driver to choose a car and a decrease in the car as well.

Common questions about the Packers & Movers
Why do I have to pay an advance sign before the move?

The token is to confirm the booking slot and avoid last-minute delays or inconvenience. The token amount will be adjusted in the final payment of your quote.

Why the weekend and the end of the month a different price?

The quote is calculated based on the availability of slots. Because there is a high demand for movement over the weekend and the end of the month, the prices are generally higher on these days.

Can I reset my motion after I had paid the amount of the mark?

You can reschedule your movements with the special move manager informs you that the details included in the confirmation email. Manager will reschedule your step movement based on the availability of slots

My motion date is not fixed yet. How can I book in advance?

You can tell the manager movement dedicated to the movement of upto 2 days before date booked. Change, movement is FREE of charge for the following categories: weekday to weekday, weekend, a weekend to a weekday.

Movers and packers will also dismantle the bed and other furniture?

Yes, we can disassemble and assemble the bed and other furniture at no additional cost. However, you should tell the manager's special moves before the movement.

We have very few items to move. This quote is very expensive.

Please contact us at +919368839941 . We can arrange transport for the movement on the small lower cost.

Is the preliminary examination is required before ordering the movement?

No, an instant quote is generated in the size of the apartment / inventory list, the date of movement and distance of movement.

Is the packaging material that is included in the package? Are there any hidden costs?

Yes, all the packaging materials and labor costs provided by the vendor and is included in the package.

Do you provide insurance for the goods?

Yes, you can insure your goods to inform the manager of your special moves. You will be required to pay insurance premiums based on the value of goods that you stated. This premium is usually about 3% of the total value of goods. Premiums must be paid in full before the move.

Can I also move my car or bike?

Yes, you can move your car or bike for inter-city movement. special sealed containers will be used to transport your vehicle safely to your new home.

Fregro International Packers and Movers Bengaluru

“Packers and Movers Bangalore” move with Fregro Packers and movers Relocation is not an easy task it requires proper planning by a moving company for executing a safe and secure shifting experience. For Bangalore people hiring a good moving company is for shifting is never a challenge as there are many good moving company, the challenge is avoiding a fake packers and movers. Fregro Packers & Movers over a year have become a Bangalore favorite moving company as they have set up a big standard in the shifting business. We are always there to assist you with knowledge in moving business which will come handy and make your relocation smooth and hassle free.

What is the meaning of packers and movers?

Movers and packers are an agency or a group of professionally trained people who aids you in your home or business shifting from one place to another executing packing, Loading, Unloading and provide suitable vehicle for Transportation. Since in home or the office shifting, the owners may not be able to handle the relocation efficiently, these movers and Packers help you pack all your belongings with care so that it doesn’t get damaged during relocation.

For “Movers and Packers Bangalore” prefers only Fregro Movers and Packers

One you decided on shifting your search for reliable movers starts and 20/100 prefer only Fregro movers & packers for shipping home items. Out of listed many reason we have won the trust of bengalureans all the way. They trust our quality service and recognized as superior among the movers and packers for relocating home personal items. We have also made our best effort to satisfy them and retain the reputation & tag of reliable packers and movers for moving.

“Packers and Movers Bangalore” move with Fregro Packers and movers

“Open”24 hours Packers and Movers: we work round the clock on pre order conformed moving only. Our 24/7 service for shifting makes us unique are our round clock service is a promise for shifting.

No Obligation free moving estimate: We help our customers with pre informed moving service quotation which is free of any charges and comes with No booking Obligation. However Office hours Monday-Saturday is 8.00am-8.00pm on Sunday 8.00am-4.00pm.

Sort by “Best Match”: Any search results will help you get our service on any search engine.

Sort by “Distance”: Our pickup falls in range of 200 Miles, i.e we can pick up & drop your cargo from any location up to 350 kilometer.

Sort by “Any Time”: moving service for packers and movers is available on FCFS basis only on pre booking only.

Sort by “Near Me”: Searching packers and movers near me can always be risk instead hire good & best packers and movers for service.

Sort by “Rating” : Always hire a packers and movers having above 4+ rating service.

Service provided

Our warehousing services are known nationwide to be one of the most reliable, safe and affordable, because we take pride in delivering the best of warehousing services, at the most reasonable prices.

Local Packers & Movers

Local Packers & movers are specialized moving service to move your home items for short distance or with city relocation service. They Offer complete packing & safe handling services with quick transport solution. You can hire local packers & movers for single item shipping to complete home moving service without any worry to contact multiple agencies for loading, Unloading & Transport service.

Home Packers and Movers

Home Packers & movers are specialized in handling your home items like furniture & electronic appliances with secured packing on daily basis. This knowledge comes in handy for safe movement of household items with home movers and packers team. Home moving team with their experience will also assist you with dismantling and reassembling of furniture with good in hand experience.

Car Movers service

Car moving service is done to all major cities in India with car carrier service with a secured and safe timely delivery of car. Car carrier services are with car pick & car drop for door to door car transport assuring timely and safe delivery of your car.

Bike Packers and Movers

Bike packers & Movers are very safe and cover more than 1000+ destination. Bike movers support you with world class bike packing and properly securing bike for safe delivery without any damage. Bike movers and packers are specialized & experienced in handling bike for door to door bike transport.

Office Packers and Movers

Office Packers & movers are experienced working professionals supporting packing and handling for all your office furniture & chairs. There moving service is par excellent and know how to support packing in a efficient manner as the timing is of prime importance to office moving.

Door to door packers and movers

Door to Door transportation defines the very nature of moving business. They come with punctuality for door pick and make it effortless and well communicated for door delivery also. D2d moving include pick up the goods from point to point service with unloading the shipment to your door step.

Intercity or Intra city Packers and Movers

City to city moving services includes shipping your priced possession with great care with secured packing and safe handling of cargo with transportation for within city and outside city service. Intra city moving services is basically movement of cargo for within city moving and Intra city moving is movement of shipment for long distance moving services.

Household Storage Service

Household storage is additional service provided by companies who have dedicated storage area for safe keep of household items in the absence of place. People prefer storage services when they are extra belonging or when they are moving outside city for duration of time. Household storage service includes holding your household items for monthly rent for specified storage area for agreed time.

Bangalore Packers and Movers charges

The cost charged by the moving companies is dependent on various dependent factors like size of your house, Number of manpower required for Loading & Unloading, Size of the truck required for shipping and packing cost are few major factors affecting shifting cost.

Number of Household items

Size of your house would be a major factor affecting your overall cost for relocation because you need a bigger size of a vehicle to shift 2 BHK home in comparison to Few Household Items.

Distance to Travel

Would be another factor as longer the distance higher the transportation cost as fuel consumption would be more and overall shifting time required to complete the moving process would be higher in comparison to short distance moving.

Packaging cost

Is directly proportional to the number of items to be packed before transporting to the new location so, more your items more the packaging material needed for wrapping your personal items.


Required for loading and unloading also important more the items for shifting higher the manpower needed for the shifting job.

Date & day of moving

Always plan to do the moving on the weekdays as packers and movers are easily available on the weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday and on weekends there is a rush and moving charges are higher due to the more moving happens during Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Advantage of hiring a Good & Best Packers & Movers in Bangalore Moving is not an easy task from planning to hiring a packers & movers and deciding a date of shifting, there is lot of things to be considered before moving from house warming to planning you connection for telephone & gas connection all needs to be done prior to moving. Informing your postal department and updating your details on Aadhar card all should be done before shifting. Further to minimize hassle of relocation hiring a good moving agency is even more important to reduce your shifting complexity

Listed are the advantages of hiring a professional moving service in Bangalore

Help you with Packing : A good & professional moving company uses good quality packaging material and help you securely wrap all home furniture to avoid damage. These companies are experienced and handle home items on regular basis, this experience always comes in handy and they avoid the loss to your valuables.

Securing with Loading & Unloading Service : Skilled manpower will know how to handle your cargo during loading the household items in to the truck for transportation. These labors will also assist you dismantling and reassembling your furniture with ease and at no extra cost. So, you get single source service for home relocation without contacting multiple vendors for moving.

Safe Transport service : These companies offer suitable vehicle for shifting which can be point to point moving and can asses narrow city lanes without causing damages to your belongings.

Save Time : These companies help you reach your destination at much more quickly and safely than you can imagine. If you hire a good company they would support moving at agreed time and will support shifting in at timely coordinated manner.

Save extra Money : Time is money; you can save lot more than doing moving all by yourself. Many people spend more money by DIY process but end up paying more money and energy; instead it is best advised to hire a good mover for the shifting.

Storage Options : Just in case you have not found a house, you can always book a storage services for household services.

Insurance : You can also insure the material and seek cover not for unforeseen circumstance which would cover you financial loss in event of damage during accidents, fire, theft and natural calamities.

Tips on Hiring relocation Packers & Movers in Bangalore

Every day there are more than 200 shifting happening in Bangalore and more than 800+ shifting companies in Bangalore, there are about 30% people falling trap or hire an unprofessional movers for shifting and about 10% are victims and lose their valuables to these companies

1. Visit Office: Once you have selected your shifting company, please make sure you visit their office and check their operations to get assurance about the operational service procedure.

2. Check Registration: Please check is the moving company registered to operate & run the moving business.

3. Year of establishment: Years of experience also matter, most of the packing companies are new about 85% of the packers and movers are in business less than 02 years.

4. Reviews: Check the moving companies review as this can be a good indicator of their past performance.

How to Book a Packers & Movers in Bangalore?

Moving business is at a growth and many relocation companies have started to take advantage on growing demand for the moving business, yes, as the industry has started to grow so has many fake moving companies have also started to enter this category service and many potential customers has also fallen trap to this movers trap. So, let us help you on how to hire a genuine packers and movers for shifting

There are multiple ways to hire a genuine moving company

Seek help from your relatives and friends : In hand experience of other people who hired the service of packers & movers in past can be a good source. Start collecting the information about these companies and start reaching them for well informed moving.

Search Online for Other feedback : Once you are ready with the list of moving companies start searching online about the feedback from other clients by reading moving companies reviews.

Asking Question : Do not hesitate to ask question when in doubt, seek clarity about the reviews because all reviews are not right and many companies are also imitation famous brand to get easy money making technique.

Fregro packers & movers can put all your doubts to rest, hire only the original Fregro packers and movers and avoid fake moving services.

What question to ask or inform while hiring a packers and movers company?

As stated above be prepared with list of question to ask a relocation company and clear all your hesitation and be safe with reputed & reliable moving services

Be specific : you should be specific with your requirement and share the same with your moving company. Only when you as a customer inform packers movers about moving details they are prepared to offer a right relocation solution.

Share your Pick up address : Always share your postal pick up address, only when they are informed about the address they can reach you scheduled address for pick up. Some time sharing what’s app location is not right as that can lead to wrong pickup address and create a delay.

Provide delivery address : Always ensure your have complete details about delivery location and share the same with your relocate company to avoid delay and confusion. Please disclose all details like entry time in premise, availability of lift for unloading and access to the vehicle.

Get survey done : Pre moving survey will eliminate all confusion and your shifting company will be prepared to get the right packaging supply for packaging.

Booking reservations: Always share your travel plan with your moving service provider and inform them about train reservation, bus reservation or flight reservation plan for quick pick up service.

Packing Quality Support : Always ask how would your moving company offer packing solution and the quality of packaging material used for securing your valuables for movement.

These are listed major updates required for a well informed moving plan.

However you can also ask few more question related to delivery & transport

  1. How is Transportation done for household moving?
  2. Will the shipment booked for Full truck service or Consolidated moving service?
  3. How to make the payment for service?
  4. hat is the need for Transit Insurance?
  5. Are Household goods protected with Insurance coverage?
  6. When the goods will reach the destination?
  7. Is Unpacking for material done at destination service?
  8. Is GST charges are included in the moving estimation?
  9. Are there any hidden charges?
Service you can find with your Shifting Company

Yes, shifting company has more than service than you think, they can customize service to suit your shifting requirement

Residential Shifting Residential shifting teams are knowledgeable people knowing how to handle your residential household items during shifting. They would pack & move home items with secured packing and transporting the residential household items safely to the new residence for a agreed charges.

Local Shifting Local Shifting service is among the best in Bangalore, offering complete secured packing your home furniture and electronics for safe delivery. We have done more than 10000+ local shifting since the start of business.

International Shifting International Shifting is done with the help of their associated partner with DHL &Fedex. We support door to door International cargo moving service for domestic items only.

Room Shifting Service We believes no business is small or big so, we offer 1Bed room shifting, 2bed room shifting & 4 bed room shifting service at a very affordable charge.

House Shifting Service Gets your House Shifting service with in Bangalore or move house shifting for other cities with equal ease, Fregro household shifting is unmatched and can beat any professional house shifting company with our quality service and affordable house shifting charges.

Luggage Shifting Service Looking to shift a Single bag or multiple luggage we can serve you all, our luggage shifting service if for door to door service with the support of 3PL team we can deliver the cargo to more than 1000+ destinations with door to door service.

Relocation Service supported by packing & moving company

Domestic Relocation With our domestic Relocation service we can offer reliable & safe domestic moving service at a very best relocation package covering packing, loading, unloading & transport service for d2d service.

Personal Relocation So, if you are an individual and looking for personal relocation service for your home moving we can assist you with safe personal relocation service and offer end to end solution at best relocation charges and help you save on your relocation cost.

Automobile Relocation Vehicle relocation or automobile relocation we do this with ease, we have in hand experienced team offering door to door automobile transport service. We help you relocate both Car Relocation: We help you with car relocation by car trailer, vehicle designed to move only car with full protection. Bike relocation: is done with packing for door to door movement and we have in hand experience of handling more than 5000+ bike relocation and safe delivery.


What is Packers and Movers in Bangalore?

Packers and movers as the name suggests, is a logistics company that lend a helping hand to you for packing and moving your household items, goods companies, car and other commodities such as from one destination to another. They are professional and provide you with all the packaging material involved, labor, transportation and even the insurance required to transport your goods safely and on time.

Why do we need to Packers and Movers?

One can always pack their belongings and move to another destination. Sure why not. However, the services provided by the packers and movers help you to save a lot of time and effort. Some of the benefits of using the services of packers and movers are:

Time: The more hands on the job faster task. Packers and movers provide the labor, they helped to pack and unpack your belongings with an efficient and professional manner to save a lot of your time. Corporations also benefit from this service as they save a lot of billable hours.

Efforts: an experienced workforce minimize efforts needed may be re-done packing or understand the pros and cons, and security products to be transported.

Cost: The cost of using the services of packers and movers can vary depending on the route, the number of items, packing of goods, unpacking etc certain, however, is economical and prove beneficial.

Coordination: The fact that the move does not involve a lot of functions and services from different people say, transporters, insurance organizations, packaging material requirements and labor, etc. All the effort required to coordinate the smooth running of all elements under one roof come to us in the name of packers and movers , This helps us to concentrate on sorting requirements as to waste our efforts.

Safety: Experience talks. Although we take every effort to pack our belongings neatly and properly they must be transported carefully. Packers and movers have an efficient staff, trained and experienced care of right from packing to loading, unloading, transporting and unpacking your belongings carefully.

What services Packers and Movers provide?

A back-breaking task and dull to be easy and simple. That Packers and Movers do. They really pack up your stuff and move it from one place to another .. no strings attached! So what and where all Packers and Movers do come and how far they help you with this task .. let's take a look below:

Intra city - Packers and Movers help you in packing, all the smallest details considered. They help you to transport your goods from one location in another city in the same city. A group of people is very helpful because it is appointed by the company to arrive and work with you to pack up and move to the next location set up. They also unload your stuff and help you organize your room, the kitchen and make a home basically functional.

Intercity - Intercity movement came in relief for packers and movers. They also provide insurance facilities for any damage to goods, furniture etc. they hold transit from one city to another.

International - an international movement of movements require more elaborate intra and inter requires. Laws and regulations of the country donâ € ™ t necessarily match the one moving. Delivery needs to be prepared and similar packaging needs to be done in order to take care of your needs.

Cargo - Cargo Packaging requires a customized approach to clients. Cargo can be used to move all types of appropriate safety and special items for cars, flammable products, perishables, etc. Neat and secure packing and cost effectiveness plays a major role here.

Insurance Services - Although you do plan to move your items, it is important to ensure that you feel relaxed that your product is secure against any wear and tear. Packers and Movers take care of aspects of your needs and provide insurance Moving goods, insurance of goods packaging, loading and unloading of insurance for a pleasant customer experience.

Warehousing - Transporting goods or items may need time and requires adequate warehousing facilities. Security of customer goods; € ™ s and products in warehousing space is guaranteed. Warehousing plays an important role during the relocation in the case of the time difference between the set up and the country as well ..

Car - car transport have the most important advantages in the field move. A car works as a status symbol and people spend a lot to buy the brand and model of their choice. Keeping that sentiment in mind moving car in need of care and safety are adequate and need to be fast to the best satisfaction of the customer.

Household - the movement goes home can be tedious because it requires the minute details that are packaged and transported. Packers and Movers come as a helping hand in this field. Safe and orderly, just bring in and outside the packaging and collateral materials are the core objectives of the group.

Companies - companies engaged whether inter- or intra loss of productive time the city means and effective team. Packers and movers working to make this a smooth and processes tied. The entire back structure in place relocated and re-acquire business back on track proved to be a boon for you.

Connect - Packers and Movers are available and have them or affiliated branches worldwide now a day. After being transferred or relocated You may find it hard to go back to connect with movers. However, extensive facilities make additional profit to the complaint and the alliance further.

Width options - Many options come to your rescue when you think about the use of packing and moving facilities. Top end Packers and Movers with a worldwide presence and local movers provide this service.

Easy access - Access to reach out and get the details of the Packers and Movers is no longer the task at hand and not with a single click. Details of packers and movers and their services all uploads for easy reference on their respective websites.

How to choose Packer and Mover are most suitable for you?

Many times we know what we want but today the market is flushed with options. People are different and so is their choice. A good experience with one company for one may be a disaster for another. However, you can not change, there is always a gamble. But what we really can do is to ensure that we choose our Packers and Movers carefully and consider the following when choosing them:


Compare - Screen rates and compare the costs of your needs from several options.

Low Cost - Being able to provide a lower cost does not mean that it is the best option and should achieve. Service and efficiency may be slightly different from driving a higher range.

Estimates written - Always opt for a written estimate and quote avoid confusion during the actual payment.


Documentation - Check the documentation of your logistics company will they GST registration, taxes, licenses, etc.

Private meeting - Meet a private provider, not just go online or over the phone. This will ensure that there is a real set-up and he was in any emergency.

Branch - Try and choose someone who has a branch at your destination as well because then they are experienced with the norms there. Different laws and unloading and shipping costs becomes a hassle instead. small towns may not leave much choice but the people there really work hard for customer satisfaction due to lack of choice.

Review - In todays world it is impossible to know every individual in the city forget you but even your own building, so the best way is to look for reviews over the net and be careful of the warning signs. Questioning the company for doubt.

Reference - The best way is also to use the services of one of the known reference solely on your bill.

Brand - There are companies and people out there trying to forge the name of the famous Packers and Movers for their benefit. Ensure that documents such as quotations were written early and naked estimate true trademark of the provider you are looking for.

While you take every effort that you are careful in choosing you give careful also beware of the specific points to avoid being cheated.

Costs versus Service - In a great coincidence some companies will quote less and then not give specific requirements such as packaging materials, insurance is a hassle and disappointment minute ago.

Brand - Check the trademark on the document's authenticity providers. Local companies will try to trick you in the framework of a larger company.

hidden costs - Make sure that when choosing the services of Packers and Movers you have covered all the requirements carefully and get a clear citation. Hidden fees are a complete nuisance after you have completed the task.

Insurance - Confirm the authenticity of insurance provided and the terms and conditions therein. Many Times insurance blanket had too many conditions leave you with no choice in case of damage.

inventory list - Do not forget your inventory once you've loaded items. It's important to check the number of cartons and other commodities while unloading for any loss.

What is the average price of packers and movers in Bangalore?

Fregro has made the Packers and movers in Bangalore service very affordable for those who live in Bangalore. Since this is a professional, they come with what exactly what it takes to move you. Costs for packers and movers services in Bangalore based on how much you have to move and what materials needed for packing and moving of your goods.

If you have a mis 1RK kitchen space, then you will have less furniture and therefore the cost of packers and movers in Bangalore to move 1RK in Bangalore is only between Rs.3,000 to Rs.5,000. For those who have 1BHK, packers and movers Bangalore are still minimal price. 1BHK shift with the help of packers and movers and will cost only between Rs.4,000 to Rs.6,000.

When it is 2BHK, prices will begin to rise since this usually means bigger furniture are 2 beds, 2 cupboards etc shift a 2BHK with packers and movers in Bangalore will cost you anywhere between Rs.6,000 to Rs.10,000. Cost to move anything more than like 2BHK 3BHK in Bangalore with the help of packers and movers are becoming more expensive. Packers and Movers costs for 3BHKs in Bangalore is between Rs.8,000 to Rs.14,000.

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Byatarayanapura Byrasandra Airport Road Akshaya Nagar Basavanagudi
Byrathi Cambridge Layout Ambalipura Basavanna Nagar Carmelaram
Amrutha Halli Basaveshwara Nagar Chadalapura Battarahalli Chamarajpet
Amrutha Halli Basaveshwara Nagar Chadalapura Battarahalli Chamarajpet
Anagalapura Begur Chamundi Nagar Ananth Nagar Begur Koppa Road
Chandapura Andrahalli Begur Road Chandapura Anekal Road Anekal
Belathur Chandra Layout Channasandra Anekal Road Belatur
Chansandra Anjanapura Bellandur Chelekare Annapurneshwari Nagar
Chickpet Arasanakunte Bellandur Outer Ring Road Chikbanavara Arekere
Bellary Road Chikka Banaswadi Ashirvad Colony Beml layout Chikka Tirupathi
Ashok Nagar Chikka Tirupathi Road Attibele Bennigana Halli Chikkaballapur
Attiguppe Ayyappa Nagar Benson Town Chikkaballapura Road Azad Nagar
Bettahalasur Chikkabasavanapura B Narayanapura Bhaktharahalli Chikkabellandur
Babusa Palya Bhoganhalli Chikkabidarakallu Bagalagunte Bhoopasandra
Chikkajala Bagalakunte Bhovi Palya Chikkakannalli Bagaluru
Bhuvaneshwari Nagar Chikkalasandra Bagepalli Bidadi Chikkanahalli
Baiyyappanahalli Bidrahalli Chikkathoguru Balagere Bikasipura
Chinnapa Garden Ballur Bikkanahalli Chinnapanahalli Banashankari
Bilekahalli Chinnapanna Halli Bileshivale Chintamani Banashankari 3rd Stage
Banashankari 5th Stage Binny Pete Bommanahalli Banaswadi Bommasandra
Bangalore Konanakunte Boyalahalli Bommenahalli Cholanayakanahalli Choodasandra
Commercial Street Cooke Town Cottonpete Cox Town CQAL Layout Craig Park Layout
Cunningham Road CV Raman Nagar Dabaspete Dasarahalli Hebbal Dasarahalli Main Road
Dayananda Nagar Defence Colony Devanahalli Devanahalli Road Devarabisanahalli
Devarachikkanahalli Devarachikkanahalli Devasthanagalu Devinagar Dodda Aalada Mara Road
Dodda Banasvadi Doddaballapur Doddaballapur Road Doddabele Doddabommasandra
Doddakallasandra Doddakammanahalli Doddakannalli Doddanekundi Doddathoguru
Doddenahalli Doddenakundi Dodsworth Layout Dollars Colony Domlur
Dommasandra Donnenahalli Dooravani Nagar Ejipura Electronic City
Electronic City Phase I Electronic City Phase II Essel Gardens Frazer Town Ganapathihalli
Gandhi Nagar Ganga Nagar Garden Layout Garudachar Palya Garvebhavi Palya
Gattahalli Gauribidanur Gauribidanur Road Girinagar GM Palya
Gollahalli Gottigere Gubalala Gunjur Gunjur Mugalur Road
Guttahalli Hadosiddapura Hagadur HAL HAL Layout
HAL Layout2 Halanayakanahalli Hancharahalli Hanumantha Nagar Haragadde
Haralur Road Harlur Harohalli Haudin Road HBR Layout
Hebbagodi Hebbal Hebbal Kempapura Hegde Nagar Hennur
Hennur Cross Road Hennur Road Hesaraghatta HMT Layout Hombegowda Nagar
Hongasandra Hoodi Horamavu Horamavu Agara Hosa Road
Hosakerehalli Hosapalaya Hoskote Hoskote Malur Road Hosur Road
HRBR Layout HSR Layout HSR Layout Sector 1 HSR Layout Sector 2 HSR Layout Sector 3
HSR Layout Sector 4 HSR Layout Sector 5 HSR Layout Sector 6 HSR Layout Sector 7 Hoodi
Hullahalli Huskur Huttanahalli Immadihalli Indira Nagar
Indiranagar Infantry Road International Airport Road ISRO Layout ITI Layout
ITPL ITPL Road IVC Road Jagadish Nagar Jagajeevanram Nagar
Jakkasandra Jakkur Jakkuru Layout Jalahalli Cross Jalahalli East
Jalahalli West Jangamakote Jaya Chamarajendra Nagar Jayamahal Jayanagar
Jeevan Bhima Nagar Jeevanbheema Nagar Jigani Jnana Ganga Nagar JP Nagar
JP Nagar Phase 1 JP Nagar Phase 2 JP Nagar Phase 3 JP Nagar Phase 4 JP Nagar Phase 5
JP Nagar Phase 6 JP Nagar Phase 7 JP Nagar Phase 8 JP Nagar Phase 9 Junnasandra
K Channasandra K Narayanapura K R Puram Kacharakanahalli Kadabagere
Kadubeesanahalli Kadugodi Kadugondanahalli Kadusonnappanahalli Kaggadasapura
Kaggalipura kaikondrahalli Kalasipalayam Kalena Agrahara Kalkere
Kallumantapa Kalyan Nagar Kamaksipalya Kamala Nagar Kamanahalli
Kammanahalli Kammasandra Kammasandra Agrahara Kanaka Nagar Kanakapura
Kanakapura Road Kannamangala Kartik Nagar Karuna Nagar Kasavanahalli
Kasturi Nagar Kathriguppe Kattigenahalli Kaval Byrasandra Kempapura
Kempegowda Nagar Kengeri Kengeri Satellite Town Kithiganur Kodathi
Kodigehalli KR Puram Kodihalli Kodipur Kogilu
Kolar Road KolarChikkaballapur Road Konanakunte Koppa Koralur
Koramangala Kothanoor Kothanur Koti Hosahalli KR Puram
Kudlu Kudlu Gate Kumaraswamy Layout Kumbalgodu Kundalahalli
Kunigal Road Kuthaganahalli Laggere Lake City Lakshmamma Layout
lal bagh Langford Road Langford Town Lavelle Road LB Shastri Nagar
Lingadheeranahalli Lingarajapuram Madhava Nagar Madiwala Madiwala
Magadi Road Magadi Road Mahadevapura Mahalakshmi Layout Majestic
Mallathahalli Malleshpalya Malleshwaram Malleswaram MalurHosur Road
Mangammana palya Marathahalli Marathahalli Marathahalli ORR Marathahallii
Margondanahalli Maruthi Nagar Maruthi Nagar (Yelahanka) Maruthi Sevanagar Mathikere
Meenakunte MG Road Mico Layout Millers Road MS Palya
Munireddy Layout Munireddypalya munnekolala Munnekollal Murugeshpalya
Mysore Road Naganathapura Nagarbhavi Nagarbhavi Circle Nagasandra
Nagavara Nagondanahalli Nallurahalli Nallurhalli Nandi Hills
Nandini Layout Nanjappa Garden Narasapura Nayanda Halli Neeladri Nagar
Neelasandra Nehru Nagar Nelamangala Nelamangala New BEL Road
New Thippasandra Nobo Nagar NRI Layout Nyanappanahalli Old Airport Road
Old Madras Road OMBR Layout Padmanabha Nagar Pai Layout Palace Road
Panathur Panduranga Nagar Pattandur Agrahara Peenya Prashanth Nagar
R.K. Hegde Nagar Race Course Road Rachenahalli Ragavendra Nagar Raghavendra Colony
Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Rajaji Nagar Rajanukunte Rajarajeshwari Nagar Rajiv Gandhi Nagar
Ramagondanahalli Ramamurthy Nagar Ramohalli Rayasandra RBI Layout
Residency Road Rest House Road Richard's Park Richards Town Richmond Road
Richmond Town RMV RMV 2nd Stage RMV Extension Roopena Agrahara
RT Nagar S.Medihalli Sadashiva Nagar Sadashivanagar Sadduguntepalya
Sahakar Nagar Sahakara Nagar Sampangi Rama Nagar Sampigehalli Sanjay Nagar
Sankey Road Sarjapur Sarjapur Attibele Road Sarjapur Bagalur Road Sarjapur Outer Ring Road
Sarjapur Road Seegehalli Seegehalli Whitefield Seenappa Layout Seshadripuram
Sg Palya Shanthala Nagar Shanthi Nagar Shanthi Pura Shettihalli
Shigehalli Shivaji Nagar Siddapura Siddapura Sidlaghatta
Silk Board Silver Springs Layout Singanahalli Singasandra SMV Layout
Solur Somasundarapalya Sompura Sonnenahalli Soukya Road
Soundarya Layout Srinagar Srinivasa Nagar Srirampura St. Johns Road
Subramanyapura Sudhama Nagar Sunkadakatte Suryanagar T Dasarahalli
Talaghattapura Tavarekere TavarekereBTM TC Palya Road Teacher's Colony
Thanisandra Thanisandra Main Road Tharaballi Tharabanahalli Thavarekere
Thippasandra Thubarahalli Thurahalli Tippenahalli Tumkur Road
Ullal Ulsoor Uttarahalli Uttarahalli Main Road Varthur
Varthur Road Vasanth Nagar Vasanthapura Vehloli Venkatagiri Kote
Venkatapura Venkatapura Victoria Layout vidyaranyapura Vidyaranyapura
Vignana Nagar Vignana Nagara Vijaya Bank Colony Vijaya Bank Layout Vijayanagar
Vijaypura Vinayaka Layout Virupakshapura Vishweshwaraiah Layout Vittal Mallya Road
Vittal Nagar Vivek Nagar Viveka Nagar Weavers Colony Wheeler Road
Whitefield Whitefield Road Williams Town Wilson Garden Wind Tunnel Road
Yelachena Halli Yelahanka Yelahanka New Town Yelanahalli Yemalur

Bangalore Localities

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